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Acute Erythroblastic Leukemia Revealed by Dermatological Manifestations by K Moustaide in Open Access Journal of Oncology and Medicine (OAJOM) - Lupine Publishers 

Acute erythroblastic leukemia is characterized by the proliferation of a pre dominantery throcyte population on other lineages. There are two types: Erythroleukemia: defined by the presence in the bone marrow of more than 50% of the erythroid precursors of all the medullary cells, and more than 20% of myeloblasts of the whole non-erythrocytemedullary cells - Pure erythroid leukemia: it presents a neoplastic proliferation made of more than 80% of erythrocyte cells without obvious presence of the myeloblastic contingent [1]. It is usually manifested by signs of bone marrow failure and cytopenia [2,3], skin involvement remains rare, varied and disorienting the diagnosis; they are found mainly in Acute myelovlastic leukemia [4,5]. Cutaneous manifestations during leukemia are infrequent and varied. They designate all the cutaneouslesions related to the haematological malignancy directly or indirectly following their treatment; we essentially distinguish.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

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Promising Role of Fractional Calculus in Biomedicine and Biophysics by Hosein Nasrolahpour in Open Access Journal of Oncology and Medicine - Lupine Publishers

The study of complex systems and investigation of their structural and dynamical properties have attracted considerable interests among scientists in general and physicists, biologists and medical researchers in particular. Complex systems can be found almost everywhere however the highest level of complexities is related to living and biological organisms and systems. Due to the lack of a reliable and effective tool to investigate such systems, we have not reached to the complete understanding and comprehensive pictures of the phenomena and processes which occur in these systems. Of course a comprehensive knowledge of biological and biomedical complex phenomena will be achieved when we employ simultaneously different field of science and engineering including: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, mechanical engineering and so on.

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Friday, May 3, 2019

LUPINE PUBLISHERS Open Access L Latest Trends in Textile and Fashion Designing Fashion Choices of Gen Y in Retrospective

LUPINE PUBLISHERS Open Access L Latest Trends in Textile and Fashion Designing Fashion Choices of Gen Y in Retrospective


Gen Y’s lifestyle is analogous to America’s 20th century professional woman trying to live outside the traditional parameters of the society. The movements of Pre-Raphaelites, early 20th century Hollywood stars, Bohemianism in the early stages, Style preferences of BCBG: Bon Chic Bon Genre and current deconstructed silhouettes reveal the traits of free spiritedness, not just because it adds on personal flavour but rather free spiritedness evolution as a way of life and attitude.


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Lupine publishers LLC | Lupine Publishers Review

 Lupine publishers | Lupine Publishers Review

Lupine Publishers LLC isa world’s leading Online Publishing repository, a genuine publisher with quality medical journals. Lupine Publishers LLC peer reviewed publisher is a multidisciplinary, scholarly Open Access publisher focused on Genetic, Biomedical and Remedial missions in relation with Technical Knowledge as well. Lupine Publishers LLC Online Open Access Publisher,craves to select ground- breaking research based on modernism, aptness, scientific connotation, prospective spectator’s interests, setc. Lupine Publishers LLC Online Open Access Publisher endeavor to provide by far and liberally accessible belvedere to researchers and practitioners in support of their novel and valuable ideas. Lupine Publishers LLCOnline Open Access Publisher already have 2000+ Editorial Board members along with 5000+ Published articles with them. Lupine Publishers LLC Online Open Access journals maintains a scrupulous, methodical, fair peer review System. Besides, quality control is riveted in each step of the publication process. Lupine Publishers LLC, strictly follows open access policy: Open access policies are part of rapidly growing researches in academia to enhance and encourage the new modes and techniques of scholarly publication by providing worldwide free access. Members of universities, schools and departments are establishing open access policies to make their research and scholarship more accessible to scholars, educators, policymakers, students and citizens worldwide. The only motto of Lupine Publishers LLC Open access Publisher is accelerating the scientific and technical research papers,considering the importance of technology and the human health in the advanced levels and several emergency medical and clinical issues associated with it, the key attention is given towards biomedical research. Thus, Lupine Publishers LLC asserting the requirement of a common evoked and enriched information sharing platform for the craving readers. Lupine Publishers LLC is such a unique platform to accumulate and publicize scientific knowledge on science and related discipline. Lupine Publishers LLC multidisciplinary open access publisher is rendering a global podium for the professors, academicians, researchers and students of the relevant disciplines to share their scientific excellence in the form of an original research article, review article, case reports, short communication, e-books, video articles, etc. Lupine Publishers LLC has quality journals which are self supporting, with no dependency on any other external sources (like universities, centers) for funds and strives for the best and enhanced quality publications competes the world wide open access publishing market. Lupine Publishers LLC always rely on the support from the members of the Lupine Publishers LLC family that is relevantly their Authors, Editorial Committee members, advisory board, Reviewers Board and all the technical support teams all over the globe. Lupine Publishers LLC trust in the reciprocated coordination and cooperation in terms of sharing the scientific knowledge of individuals and Groups of Research centers/areas will in turn educates and provokes in advanced researches. In this case Lupine Publishers LLC like to act as a media that anchors in the transformation of information in the form of global online publication

What is the role of Editors in Lupine Publishers?

Editor Guidelines.

The main epigram of Lupine Publishers is to spread scientific knowledge globally by publishing quality articles in their open access journals. The credibility of published articles completely depends on the effective peer review process; Hence, editors are the chief support for Lupine Publishers. The Editorial board members of Lupine are responsible to make it as quality manuscript publisher which are received from authors on various subject areas.
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Actively look for the views of associate editors, authors, readers, reviewers and editorial board members about ways of improving their journal's content.
  • Reputation of our group is enhanced by the presence of eminent editors. They also must endeavor to set higher standards for the journal whenever possible.
  • Sustain initiatives to educate researchers and young scholars about publication policies and ethics.
  • Editorial board members are most welcome to give their valuable suggestions for organizational progress.
  • Editors can review submitted manuscripts based on their feasible time, if time does not allow reviewing the manuscript, editors can suggest other reviewers.
  • Editors will look after any confidential data regarding the task. If the author has used information of certain individuals, specifically in any of his medical or scientific records, the editorial Team must look for written consent from the individual, for the record to qualify for publishing.
  • Grabbing editorial decisions at the right time and communicating in a clear manner.
  • The validity of the scientific facts stated must be checked and the criticism of the manuscript should be left open for all to decide.
  • The editorial board members must assure that published content is original. The reliability of the author's work is a must, so there must be proper citation and the original source of the content should be named.
  • The final decision regarding modification, acceptance, or rejection of a manuscript rests solely with the editor.
  • Editors can be promoted as senior editor and executive editor in the concerned journal based on their active participation and also based on their experience.
  • Editors will be given highest priority in all the events that are organized by Biomedical Journal.
  • Based on their kind contributions and their efficiency, there is a chance to serve as a prominent member of the advisory board.
  • After one year of due course, Editor-in-Chief will be announced for every journal based on their active participation, expertise in the field, contribution towards the Journal and also their scientific contributions.
  • The review comments that are given by the editors will be strictly followed after which the authors will be requested to modify their manuscript according to the editor’s suggestions.
  • We promote all the articles of the Editors that are published in our journals, in various social networking groups from our end, increasing visibility for their works.
  • Our journals consider Editorials as a note to the young researchers and scholars.
  • Editors shall be honored in position as Chair/Co-Chair for any conferences organized by us and also the fee will be waived.

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Oncology research journals - Lupine Publishers

A Modern and Comprehensive Experimental Biospectroscopic Comparative Study on Human Common Cancers' Cells, Tissues and Tumors before and after Synchrotron Radiation Therapy by Alireza Heidari in Open Access Journal of Oncology and Medicine (OAJOM) - Lupine Publishers

In the current study, we have experimentally and comparatively investigated and compared malignant human common cancers' cells, tissues and tumors such as Bladder Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colon and Rectal Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Leukemia, Liver, Lung Cancer, Melanoma, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Thyroid Cancer before and after irradiating of synchrotron radiation therapy process using some modern biospectroscopic techniques and methods. It is clear that malignant human cancer cells, tissues and tumors have gradually transformed to benign human cancer cells, tissues and tumors under synchrotron radiation with the passage of time.

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Open Access Journal of Oncology - Lupine Publsihers

Subjection between Breast Cancer and Body Mass Index, the Role of L-Carnitine in Prediction and Outcomes of the Disease by Hojouj Mohammad IM in Open Access Journal of Oncology and Medicine (OAJOM) - Lupine Publishers

Increasing the effectiveness of antitumor therapy in breast cancer patients who take L-carnitine during preoperative systemic antitumor therapy compared with patients receiving standard neoadjuvant systemic antitumor therapy served as a prerequisite for studying possible antitumor mechanisms of L-carnitine. The positive effect of L-carnitine is due to the transfer of palm-n-LC through the inner membrane into the mitochondrial matrix, which promotes the formation of a significant number of ATP molecules. It has also been shown that L-carnitine can have a double protective effect, enhancing the energy dynamics of the cell and inhibiting the hyperexcitability of the cell membrane, that making it an ideal nutrient for the prevention and treatment of cancer. This article summarizes the results of epidemiological and clinical studies of the use of L-carnitine in the treatment of breast cancer

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Open Access Journal of Cancer - Lupine Publishers

Acute Erythroblastic Leukemia Revealed by Dermatological Manifestations by K Moustaide in Open Access Journal of Oncology and Medicin...